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Fearless Customization and Repairs: Our specialty is making your instrument sound and perform the way you want. We'll listen to you talk about what you want, and together we'll determing how best to achieve the tone and feel you're after. We'll help you choose just the right pickup and discuss options for capacitors, pots, wire, jacks, switches, preamps ... everything you can't see: our shop features the finest after-market components. We can wire harnesses, come up with a circuit that is most effective for how you play, and change controls. Here at the shop we have tons of knobs, tuning keys, bridges, pickguards, etc., and we're happy to special-order a part just for your guitar or bass.

What We Do: Setups, Fret Mills, Refrets, Pickup Installs, Custom Harnesses, Hotrodding--as well as changing necks, repairing many kinds of breaks and broken bits, carving nuts, and more. We service electric guitars, electric basses, acoustic guitars (incl. mandolins, etc.). In general, we charge time-and-materials. We can give you ballpark figures over the phone or by email, but in general would prefer to see your instrument first. Drop by for a free consultation; we recommend setting appointments. We're open later in the evening on Fridays and Saturdays.

Custom No-Solder Harnesses: No soldering needed for installation--just a pair of pliers We are now offering custom pre-wired harnesses, which you can install without soldering.* We use top-grade components, from pickups and pots & caps all the way down to the solder and wire. In addition to being able to choose from our menu of our house-favorite combos of pickups and control layouts, you can also work with us to create the tones and switching options that suit you best. Pick from our selection of pickups/preamps, which we chose for expressiveness, build quality, and ability to offer a wide range of very fine tones. Or, ask for a harness that'll work with your existing pickups. (We recommend pulling all of the original parts as a whole to protect future resale value.) Strat kits are mounted on a pickguard with matching pickups covers and knobs. Jazz bass kits come on a new plate. Teles can be ordered with the bridge pickup mounted on a new upgraded bridge. For rear-routed instruments, we mount the harness on cardboard with all wires cut to length. All harnesses come with a new Switchcraft jack.

* How It Works: We make every connection that can be made without your instrument on the bench, including leads off of the new jack. The remaining connections are made by twisting the leads together and using a pair of pliers to crimp them. We supply the harness, the connectors, and easy instructions. In most cases all that will be involved is two joints: one to connect hot lead from circuit to the hot lead from jack and one connecting two ground wires to the ground lead from the jack. Active circuits require connections from the preamp to the battery hot and battery ground to a prewired lead from jack.

Rent Gear for Your Special Session: Rent the missing piece for your recording session. Includes custom setup to your specs, plus stand. Inquire about available guitars and basses. (Sorry, no long-term, student, or gig rentals.)

Policies: We want to be fair and clear. Learn more about our policies on pricing, returns, shipping, trades & consignments, and special orders.


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